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ManBetX真人,真人平台游戏ManBetX,】 Yulong School is a high-specification, modern and single proprietorship school, which implement nine-year compulsory education.

The campus covers more than 5200 square meters, which is surrounded by beautiful scenery and fresh air. The school are designed as high-specification. To be specific, there are sufficient educational facilities in the school, which includes function rooms, sports venues, libraries and computer labs. Besides, the classrooms are 72 square meters large, which looks spacious and bright. There are colorful campus culture and rich teaching resources in the school, which makes the school an ideal place for student to study in.

 Yulong school adopts advanced teaching methods, excellent faculty, adequate teaching resources and high-standard management. The school is administered by law and implement scientific management. Moreover,The school insists running with characteristics, teaching with distinctive features. Besides, students in the school are provided all-round education and developed their personalities and special abilities. The school has successfully become one of the initial ‘A standard school’ of voluntary schools and passed all evaluations for first level status within the city under the guidance and supervision of educational departments of Shenzhen Luo Hu district. At the same time, the school won its recognition and praise from students’ parents and the community. 

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